Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming MOQBA events announced at this time. Check back later for an updated calendar.

NAQT Middle School National Championship Tournament

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance encourages middle school teams to qualify and prepare for the NAQT Middle School National Championship Tournament, a high quality tournament featuring many of the nation's top middle school teams.

MSNCT Qualification Criteria

  1. Finishing in the top 15% of the field (rounded up) at most events that uses NAQT questions.
  2. Winning any class or division of an official state championship with rules and questions similar to those of NAQT.

See NAQT's website for full details about qualifying for MSNCT.

Interested schools should be aware that since MSNCT is before Memorial Day weekend, MSHSAA member schools attending MSNCT may not attend any other tournament after MSHSAA High School Districts (April 13) and before the Friday of Memorial Day weekend (May 24) per By-Law 4.4.3.b. MSNCT also counts toward each school's and individual's tournament limit (By-Law 4.4.2.b).

MSNCT Qualifiers in Missouri

These MOQBA certified tournaments are qualifiers for the 2024 NAQT MSNCT, which will be held in Chicago on May 10-12 (Mother's Day weekend):

In addition to these tournaments, most other middle school tournaments hosted on NAQT questions will also qualify teams for MSNCT. Tournaments that exclude teams based on ability may be designated non-qualifiers by NAQT.