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Middle School Quizbowl

Middle school quizbowl in Missouri primarily involves students in grades 6-8, and some middle school tournaments offer an elementary division for students in younger grades. Middle schools and junior highs that are members of the Missouri State High School Activities Association are subject to MSHSAA's rules and regulations for students in grades 6 and older. Non-member schools are not subject to the same restrictions but generally may not compete against MSHSAA member schools; some tournaments offer non-MSHSAA divisions for these schools to compete against each other.

MSHSAA has recently enacted new protocols for competition involving sixth-grade students. A school's sixth graders may or may not be eligible to compete against certain schools, depending on choices the school makes as a whole. If a school has chosen to make its sixth graders eligible for MSHSAA competition in any sport or activity, then its sixth graders must compete in middle school contests in scholar bowl as well. Conversely, a school which does not 'play up' its sixth graders may continue to play them in elementary contests outside of MSHSAA's purview. It is crucially important to know what decision your school has made so that your sixth graders compete in the proper division of tournaments. No cross-competition between sixth graders from schools on either side of this choice is allowed by MSHSAA regulations.

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance believes that one of the best investments to improve the state of high school quizbowl in Missouri is to promote best practices to middle school teams. Therefore, our support of middle school quizbowl is based on the following fundamental principles:

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