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MOQBA Online Spring Tournament Recap

Fifty-four teams attended the MOQBA Online Spring Tournament on March 6, 2021. The teams were split into two divisions, with thirty teams competing on Google Meet and twenty-four competing on Zoom.

Within each division, the teams were divided further into pools of six for preliminary rounds 1-5.

In the Meet division, the teams were seeded 1-30 based on rank in preliminary pool, then record, then average points per game. Seeds 1-8 advanced to the championship tier, remaining eligible to win the division. The remaining teams advanced to consolation pools to play three more games against similarly seeded teams.

In the Zoom division, the top two teams in each preliminary pool advanced to the championship tier, remaining eligible to win the division. The third place teams advanced to Consolation 1, the fourth place teams to Consolation 2, the fifth place teams to Consolation 3, and the sixth place teams to Consolation 4. Each consolation pool played a round robin in rounds 6-8.

In each division's championship tier, the eight teams were divided into two parallel pools that each played a round robin in rounds 6-8.

In the Google Meet division, after round 8, Macomb A (Illinois) and College Heights Christian were undefeated, advancing to the championship game, which Macomb won 445-220 to earn the tournament championship. Macomb A was also the small school champion.

In the Zoom division, after round 8, Ladue and Carbondale (Illinois) were undefeated, advancing to the championship game, which Ladue won 525-170. Eldon was the small school champion, finishing in fifth place overall.

Links to statistics are available on the MOQBA Online Spring Tournament index page.

We anticipate that each division will be a Gold qualifier for the PACE National Scholastic Championship. Pending confirmation from PACE, the top six teams in the Meet division and the top five teams in the Zoom division have qualified for NSC, which will be held online using Zoom on June 5-6, 2021. Congratulations to Macomb A, College Heights, Raymore-Peculiar, St. Joseph Central A, North Kansas City A, and Glasgow A (Kentucky) for qualifying from the Google Meet division, and to Ladue, Carbondale, Clayton, Washington A, and Eldon for qualifying from the Zoom division. Information on this national championship event can be found at pace-nsc.org.

This large tournament could not have run as well as it did without the incredible support of our talented moderators, scorekeepers, statisticians, and virtual meeting managers from throughout Missouri and several other states. A huge thanks to our amazing staff volunteers who donated their time and energy on Saturday: Stephenie and Torii from Fair Grove; Dezarae and Kaileigh from Houston; Sarah from North Kansas City; Barb Alber, Garrett Blum, Mary Coogan, Logan Durk, Brandy Farmer, Jen Farra, Owen Farra, Mary Grinter, Brian Hight, Neel Kotra, Stacy Krenke, Megan Mudd, Miranda Read, Ryan Read, Mark Richey, Jake Sundberg, Roxanne Tang, Elle Webers, and Jay Winter; coaches James Allen, Jeremy Copeland, Andrew Darr, David Dennis, Karen Flood, Angela Forrest, Todd Garrison, Jonah Krueger, Sharon Lorinskas, Jason Loy, Levi Maxwell, Lisa McCarthy, Lisa McClary, Quinn McGarry, Jean Miller, Pat O'Keefe, Jason Pounds, Andrew Reynolds, Branden Stilwell, Michelle Wahlquist, and Scott Walker; and fellow MOQBA members Julie Burchett, Stephanie Hull, Michael Menkhus, Sean Phillips, Max Ryle, and Shelley Swoyer. Special thanks go to coaches Madison Cochran and Angie Odom for managing Zoom pools; Kyle Hill, Jacob O'Rourke, and Alex Smith for managing game rooms, entering statistics, and significant additional assistance before the tournament; Sean Phillips for his assistance recruiting several moderators; Jacob for handling payments and awards; and Kyle for leading the effort to develop the Google scoresheets we used.

Thanks to everybody in attendance for helping to make this the largest tournament MOQBA has ever hosted! We hope that everyone had a great experience. We always welcome any comments or suggestions you have toward improving our future events.

Best of luck to each of your teams as they compete the rest of this unprecedented season! Best wishes for a safe and healthy 2021, and I hope it won't be too much longer before we will meet at in-person tournaments again.

Jeffrey Hill
MOQBA Online Spring Tournament director and MOQBA President