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2024 NAQT Missouri Qualifier Announcement

The 2024 NAQT Missouri Qualifier was held on March 2, 2024. This is an archive of the original tournament announcement. Read the recap.

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance invites all MSHSAA-registered high school Scholar Bowl teams to participate in the sixteenth NAQT Missouri Qualifier on March 2, 2024.

As MOQBA's flagship NAQT event, this tournament regularly features a diverse field of teams from throughout Missouri, recognizing the state's top teams for national tournament qualification in a fast-paced championship atmosphere.


Columbia College (Main Campus)
1001 Rogers Street
Columbia, MO 65216


This tournament is open to all Missouri high school teams eligible to participate in MSHSAA-sanctioned Scholar Bowl events. Team rosters may have up to eight players for the day, with no more than four starters and two substitutes playing in each game.

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all competitors, coaches, tournament staff, and spectators at this tournament. In addition to all applicable MSHSAA and school policies regarding sportsmanship and personal conduct, participants are expected to abide by Section I (Ethics and Conduct) of the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence ruleset.

Question Set

The tournament will use the 2024 NAQT Division II Collegiate Sectionals question set, which is more challenging than NAQT's regular season Invitational Series questions but a step below the difficulty of NAQT's High School National Championship Tournament questions.

As of December 10, this set was not assigned to any other high school tournament in Missouri. It is your responsibility to ensure that your entire team has not previously heard any part of NAQT's 2024 Collegiate Sectionals question sets and will not compete in any other tournaments using this set. In particular, any students wishing to participate in this tournament must not staff or otherwise observe any of NAQT's Sectional Championship Tournaments for collegiate teams. Question set assignments are subject to change at any time; a list of tournaments using this set is available on NAQT's website.

Game Format

Games consist of tossups worth 10 points each, including 15 point "powers" and -5 point "negs". Each correct tossup answer earns the team a three-part non-rebounding bonus, worth 10 points per part.

We are considering introducing timed rounds this year, to provide a unique opportunity for teams to participate in a statewide tournament using rules closer to those of NAQT's National Championship Tournaments. At NAQT's nationals, each half is now ten minutes long (up from nine minutes in previous years). When time expires for a half, any tossup/bonus cycle already started is read to completion. The Division II Sectionals set has 22 tossups and bonuses per packet. We are still evaluating what length our halves should be to provide a meaningful on-the-clock experience for teams preparing for nationals while minimizing the number of games that could hear significantly fewer than twenty tossups. We will aim to make a decision about round timing by mid-January.

If we decide to keep rounds untimed, games will consist of two ten cycle halves, like all previous Qualifiers.

The tournament used 11 minute halves.


Registered teams should arrive between 7:45 and 8:20 AM for check in. We will have a brief introductory meeting at 8:30 and are hoping to start the first round of tournament play as early as 8:45. A lunch break will follow the preliminary rounds, with all teams returning from lunch for championship or consolation games in the afternoon. All teams will be guaranteed 9-10 games and most teams should be done by 5:00.

Based on each team's record in games within the final championship pool, a finals series of one or two full games will be played until no more than one team has fewer than two losses and any ties for first place are broken. Ties for other trophy spots will be played off on either half or full packets depending on the number of teams involved. These games should conclude around 6:00.

Depending on where they place in the overall field, the top two small school teams should anticipate the possibility of a one or two game final to determine the small school champion, which should finish before 6:00.


The top four teams will receive trophies and the top small school team (by NAQT's definition of a "Traditional Public" small school) will be recognized with a trophy as the small school champion. We will use NAQT's most recent determinations for which schools are eligible for the small school title, or publicly available enrollment data if a determination from NAQT is unavailable.

We may also offer these team awards if a sufficient number of eligible teams register:

The top twelve individual scorers in the preliminary rounds will be recognized as tournament All-Stars. We will also present four "Rising Star" awards to recognize the top individual performances by ninth and tenth graders who do not receive overall All-Star honors. One Rising Star award will be reserved for the top scoring ninth grader unless they are an overall All-Star. Individuals must play at least 60% of the tossups read to their team in the preliminary rounds to be eligible for individual recognition.

Qualifying for National Tournaments

The top 15% of the field will qualify for the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) in Atlanta on May 24-26, 2024.

The top 30% of teams eligible for the small school title will qualify for the NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament on April 26-28, 2024 in Chicago. The top 30% of schools meeting NAQT's eligibility criteria for the "Open" division of SSNCT will also qualify. Additionally, any small school team that qualifies for HSNCT will automatically qualify for SSNCT.

The top 20% of the field will qualify for the PACE National Scholastic Championship on June 8-9, 2024 in the Washington, D.C. area.


Registration and Waitlist

Please see the list below for details regarding the order that registrations will be processed within each waitlist group; in particular, the randomization of second teams that sign up in the first 24 hours of registration.

After registration opens on Wednesday, December 13 at 6:00 AM, please complete this form to register for the tournament. Registrations will be processed in the order they are received through this form, and will not be accepted via any other method. Our tournaments traditionally fill very quickly, so we strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible.

The field will initially be limited to 36 teams. We have space to host up to 48 teams if we confirm enough staff to be able to run a larger tournament in a timely manner. We appreciate any staffing assistance that participating teams and other members of the quizbowl community can provide to allow more students to participate.

Registrations and the waitlist will be handled in this manner:

At midnight on Monday, January 15, the waitlist will be combined into a single group, any remaining openings will be filled from the top of the combined list, and any subsequent registrations will be added to the end of the full waitlist.

Tournament information, including a list of registered teams, will be updated regularly on the Missouri Quizbowl Message Board.

We hope to see you and your team in Columbia in March and wish you the best of luck as you compete this season. If you have any questions about the tournament, don't hesitate to ask us at qualifier@moqba.org.

Jeffrey Hill and Matt Chadbourne
2024 NAQT Missouri Qualifier Co-Directors