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2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier Announcement

The 2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier was held on March 5, 2016. This is an archive of the original tournament announcement. Read the recap.

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance invites all MSHSAA-registered high school Scholar Bowl teams to participate in the 2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier, which will be held on the main campus of Columbia College on March 5, 2016. Please note that while the tournament is still in Columbia, this is a different location from previous Qualifiers.

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance is an organization dedicated to providing high-quality quizbowl tournaments to all Missouri teams. As MOQBA's flagship event, this tournament regularly features a diverse field of teams from throughout Missouri, recognizing the state's top teams for national tournament qualification in a fast-paced championship atmosphere. Jeffrey Hill and Matt Chadbourne will serve as the tournament directors.


This tournament will be run in the twenty tossup/bonus format on NAQT Invitational Series #154. This question set is not expected to be assigned to any other tournaments in Missouri, but teams are still responsible for ensuring that they attend no more than one tournament using IS-154.

This tournament will use untimed NAQT rules only modified where necessary to comply with MSHSAA requirements. Games consist of twenty tossups worth ten points each followed by non-rebounding bonuses worth up to thirty points. Tossups will feature "powers" (correct buzzes early in the question receive fifteen points instead of ten) and "negs" (five point deductions for incorrect answers before the question is finished).

The top 4 teams will receive plaques, and an all-tournament team will be recognized based on individual performances in the preliminary rounds. Teams will not be divided into separate divisions based on school size, but the top small school team (by NAQT's definition) will be recognized with a plaque as the small school champion.


Check-in on the morning of the tournament will begin at 7:45. We will have an introductory meeting at 8:30, with the first round of tournament play beginning no later than 9:00.

For the preliminary rounds, teams will be divided into pools that will each play a round robin. Following the preliminary rounds, all teams will be rebracketed into championship and consolation pools, in which teams will play more games against teams that finished similarly in the preliminary rounds. The exact schedule for the tournament will be determined by the final field size, but all teams will be guaranteed at least 9 games, ending around 4:00.

Depending on the format, the top 4-6 teams should anticipate up to 4 additional games that should end no later than 6:00. If no small schools remain in contention for the overall trophies and the top two small schools are close enough in the standings, those two teams will play a small school final of up to 2 games, ending by about 5:00.

Each school in attendance will receive a copy of the questions after the tournament.

Qualifying for National Tournaments

The top fifteen percent of the field will automatically qualify for the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) in Dallas on May 27-29, 2016. If all teams in the top 15% already qualified at earlier tournaments, the highest-ranking team that had not previously qualified will receive a bid to HSNCT.

The top 30% of small school teams will qualify for the NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament on April 29-May 1, 2016 in Chicago. If all teams in the top 30% already qualified for SSNCT at earlier tournaments, the highest-ranking small school team that had not qualified at any previously-held tournament will receive a bid to SSNCT. Additionally, any small school team that qualifies for HSNCT will automatically qualify for SSNCT.

This tournament has received platinum certification from the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence, so the top 25% of the field will qualify for the PACE National Scholastic Championship in Chicago on June 4-5, 2016.

We encourage all teams to participate even if they do not plan to attend a national championship.


Staff discounts

Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be able to provide any moderators or scorekeepers. All staffers will be needed throughout the preliminary and playoff rounds since all teams will be playing. Staffers will be provided lunch.

Special discount for MOQBA Fall Tournament attendees

We are hosting the smaller MOQBA Fall Tournament on December 12, 2015 on the Columbia College campus. This is to help us become familiar with hosting tournaments here and allow us to gain more confidence that the larger NAQT Missouri Qualifier will run effectively at its new location. Schools that attend the MOQBA Fall Tournament will receive a $10 discount on their 2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier entry fee regardless of the number of teams registered for either tournament. This discount will be applied after the minimum fee is determined, so it is possible that a school providing enough staff could reduce its entry fee to $0 and still receive the $10 rebate for attending both tournaments.

Field Size and Registration Procedure

If you are planning to register more than one team, please read the entry procedure below before registering. There are no changes to this procedure from last year's Qualifier.

We will be using an online registration form again this year; please complete this form to register for the tournament. Registrations will be processed in the order they are received through this form, and will not be accepted via any other method. This tournament traditionally fills very quickly, so we strongly recommend that you reserve your spots now.

We anticipate that the final field size will be between 30 and 36 teams, but to ensure that we continue to run an efficient tournament, the field will initially be limited to 24 teams until we have secured enough staffers to run a larger tournament in a timely manner. To give more interested schools earlier confirmation to make arrangements to attend, we will once again be using the following procedure to fill the field.

Before January 1, 2016, only one team from each school will be admitted to the field, with one exception described below. Schools that would like to bring more than one team may indicate the number of teams they intend to bring, but any teams after the first will initially be placed on the waitlist. At 12:00 AM on January 1, teams on the waitlist will be added to the field until no openings remain or the waitlist is exhausted.

Because more moderators and scorekeepers will help us expand the field sooner, each staffer that a school provides will move the next waitlisted team from that school into the field, or, if the field is full, to the top of the waitlist. Schools that provide staff will receive a discount on the registration fee, as noted above.

The waitlist will be grouped in this order:

  1. Teams with a corresponding school-provided staffer (one team per staffer), ordered by the time each staffer is promised.
  2. The first team (without a corresponding school-provided staffer) from each school that registers before January 1, 2016, ordered by registration timestamp.
  3. All remaining teams, ordered by registration timestamp.

Our goals with this system are to give interested schools at least one confirmed spot in the field as early as possible so that they have plenty of time to make transportation arrangements, still provide a way for schools to claim multiple spots early, and to secure more staffers sooner so that we can confidently expand the field to admit waitlisted teams to the field earlier. Additionally, if there are late openings, any waitlisted teams at that point should mostly be from schools that already have a confirmed spot in the field rather than from new schools who would then need to make last-minute travel arrangements.

Tournament information, including a list of registered teams and current staff counts, will be updated regularly on the Missouri Quizbowl Message Board.

We hope to see you and your team in Columbia in March and wish you the best of luck as you compete this season. If you have any questions about the tournament, don't hesitate to ask us at qualifier@moqba.org.

Jeffrey Hill and Matt Chadbourne
2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier Co-Directors