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2016 MOQBA Fall Championship Recap

32 teams attended the 2016 MOQBA Fall Championship at Columbia College on December 10, 2016.

The teams were originally divided into four pools of 8 for preliminary rounds 1-7.

The top 2 teams in each pool advanced to the championship tier, remaining eligible to win the tournament. The third place teams advanced to Consolation 1, the fourth place teams to Consolation 2, and so on, with each consolation pool of four playing a round robin in rounds 8-10.

In the championship tier, two roughly equal pools were seeded based on the points per bonus of the top team from each preliminary pool, with the corresponding second place teams advancing to the same pool. This resulted in two parallel pools consisting of the first and second place teams from two of the four pools. Each of these pools played a crossover playoff, with games in rounds 8-9 and one preliminary game carrying over.

After round 9, Washington A, Helias A, Hickman A, and Rock Bridge A advanced to the superplayoffs, while the remaining championship tier teams played round 10 placement games.

Following round 11, Washington A was a perfect 11-0 on the day and finished two games clear of the remainder of the field and thus won the tournament without needing to play a final. The remaining three superplayoff teams finished tied with identical 9-2 records; after breaking that tie, Hickman A took second place, Rock Bridge A third and Helias A fourth.

Links to schedules and statistics are available on the 2016 MOQBA Fall Championship index page.

On the strength of these results, the top eight teams (Washington A, Hickman A, Rock Bridge A, Helias A, Hallsville, St. Joseph Central, Washington B, and Rock Bridge B) have qualified for the PACE National Scholastic Championship, which will be held June 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in the suburbs of Chicago. Information on this national championship event can be found at http://www.pace-nsc.org.

This tournament could not have run nearly as smoothly as it did without the gracious support of our volunteer moderators and scorekeepers. We would like to offer heartfelt thank-yous to everyone who donated their time and energy on Saturday: Shaina from Hickman; Jimmy and Mike from Kickapoo; Joanna from Rock Bridge; Scott from St. Joseph Central; Philip Hopkins from Sparta; Joel Doepker, Leo, Michael, Samantha, and Silas from Washington; Dr. Curtis Mason from Columbia College; coaches Kathy Brandon, Jon Deering, Greg Irwin, Ginger Luetkemeyer, Angela Odom, and Michelle Oliver; Alexander Harmata, Rachel McNeill; and fellow MOQBA members Scott Allen, Brandon Daake, David Dennis, Kyle Hill, Stephanie Hull, Ryan Kennedy, Jason Loy, Josh Malecki, Sean Phillips, Alex Smith, and Kevin Stockman. It simply would not have been possible to run an event of this magnitude without everyone's generous help.

In addition, we are also extremely grateful for the incredible support we always receive from Columbia College to help our events run smoothly. The tireless efforts of Kimberly Craig, Kristen Hartmann, and the rest of the Columbia College team made our jobs as tournament directors much, much easier.

We sincerely hope that everyone managed to enjoy themselves on Saturday, despite the tournament running somewhat later into the evening than we anticipated. We are always striving to provide better tournaments, so any and all feedback is appreciated. We would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have toward improving our future events.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance is hosting the tenth annual NAQT Missouri Qualifier on March 4 on the campus of William Woods University in Fulton, and the two of us who co-directed this Saturday's tournament will be running that event together as well. Information about the tournament is posted here.

Best of luck to each of your teams as they compete the rest of the season!

Matt Chadbourne and Jeffrey Hill
Co-Directors, 2016 MOQBA Fall Championship