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MOQBA High School Tournament Certification

MOQBA certifies tournaments that align with high quality quizbowl principles. MOQBA certified tournaments strive to provide the best tournament experience by:

Hosting an MOQBA Certified Event

MOQBA is eager to support tournaments that meet our criteria for high quality quizbowl events. We encourage all hosts to work with MOQBA to organize a successful event that will benefit your team and the quizbowl community as a whole.

Hosting a tournament of your own can benefit the game significantly. In addition to providing another much-needed avenue for teams to compete, the money you will raise allows your team to expand and compete in more tournaments. While the work involved can seem daunting, MOQBA members have accumulated many years of tournament organization and direction experience and are pleased to be able to make your job easier by assisting with tournament preparations, allowing you to contribute to the growth of quizbowl in Missouri by providing teams a successful, high quality tournament.

If you are interested in hosting a tournament:

If your tournament meets our certification criteria, MOQBA will gladly assist you with your tournament preparations:

Contact us to start planning your MOQBA certified event!

Certification Criteria for High School Events


Tournament scheduling

Number of rounds


Other host considerations

Addendum: Criteria for Weeknight Events

A number of circuits around the state participate in weeknight tournaments. Despite the inherently limited time, a quality schedule of five to six rounds can be played on high-quality questions. MOQBA welcomes the opportunity to certify such events that are able to preserve the quality of questions and principles of fairness, while ensuring that students return home at a decent hour. Such tournaments should try and tailor their field to bring in no more than 16 teams from a localized area, and guarantee them at least five rounds. All other criteria related to question quality, round-robin scheduling, statistics, and tournament structure still apply.